Avafa Consulting is a consulting firm that helps digital agencies grow. In this case study, we describe how Avafa Consulting helped a marketplace agency increase sales and improve processes.

The Agency

The agency is a company with offices in Spain, Paraguay, and Mexico that helps brands sell on marketplaces such as Amazon in Europe and Mercado Libre and Amazon in South America. The agency had a strong customer base but was looking for ways to grow and improve its processes.

The Solution

1. Improvement of the agency’s software:

The agency has its own technological solution for Marketplace sales services. The Avafa Consulting team helped the agency identify new improvements that led to technological growth of the tool, the incorporation of key developments that improved the experience of its customers and their results.

In addition, the Avafa Consulting team supported the company’s technology team by testing new features and characteristics, providing feedback, finding bugs, and looking for better solutions for their software, making us a key player in the development of their roadmap.

2. Development of a commercial strategy:

Avafa Consulting worked with the agency to identify their commercial objectives and conducted market research to identify growth opportunities in key markets.

Avafa Consulting developed a commercial strategy that focused on the acquisition of new customers in these markets.

The agency’s commercial strategy focused on three key markets: Europe, Latin America, and the United States. For each market, the agency developed a specific plan to reach new potential customers.

The strategy focused on the following 3 key points:

  1. Acquisition of customers in Europe to boost their sales in European Marketplaces.
  2. Acquisition of customers in Latam to boost their sales in Latam and US Marketplaces.
  3. Acquisition of customers in Europe to bring them to sell to Latam Marketplaces.

This last point was vital to the acquisition strategy due to the market saturation that existed and still exists in UK and DE. There are too many competing agencies to offer standard services. This new approach gave the agency a unique approach, given that our client was a leader in this sector in the Spanish-speaking market. This new service allowed them to have a great unique discourse in terms of their knowledge of the markets in Spain and Latam, and allowed them to reach more prestigious and revenue customers in UK and DE.

2.1 KPIs and measurement of commercial performance:

The Avafa consulting team incorporated measurement and automation systems for greater control of commercial KPIs. Some of the actions that were taken were:

  • Search for potential customers by niche
  • Creation of funnels to contact and impact potential customers
  • Lead synchronization in the Holded CRM
  • Creation of a lead follow-up strategy
  • Development and implementation of an AI strategy for LinkedIn.

3. Improvement of the marketing strategy:

Avafa Consulting helped the agency to optimize its website to improve its visibility in search results in Spain and Latam. As well as supervised and developed an agency branding strategy in the media, events, social media, and newsletter.

The agency also automated processes, such as lead generation and lead follow-up. This allowed it to save time and improve efficiency.

Here are some additional notes on the translation:

  • I have used the word “niche” in the context of targeting potential customers. This is a common term in marketing.
  • I have used the word “funnel” to refer to a set of steps that potential customers take to become customers. This is also a common term in marketing.
  • I have used the word “lead” to refer to a potential customer who has expressed interest in a product or service. This is also a common term in marketing.
  • I have used the word “AI” to refer to artificial intelligence. This is a technology that is increasingly being used in marketing.


This case study demonstrates how Avafa Consulting can help digital agencies grow and improve processes. Avafa Consulting’s comprehensive growth strategy helped this agency to increase sales, improve efficiency, and increase customer satisfaction.

Main Benefits for the Agency and their Investors

  • Sales increase: Avafa Consulting helped the agency to increase sales by developing growth strategies and improving efficiency.
  • Efficiency improvement: Avafa Consulting helped the agency to improve efficiency by automating tasks and implementing management systems.
  • Customer satisfaction increase: Avafa Consulting helped the agency to increase customer satisfaction by improving the customer experience and customer service.